Pastor Joe and Gwynn Browne.

Oh My…From 1981 to 2021​​

My God is my Provider! Val Peacock, RN BSN **Thanks Val for being our COVID Czar!** Diane McDowell Jack Wright Sonja Huffman and son, Michael Emilia Dyar Yvonne Flemming Pastor Song, wife Sarah, and their children, Daniel, Esther and Abby Tony and Mily Santano Drivers, Jamal Beckett, Ed Nelson and Clairfoster Browne Pastor David Manila, Ocean Gate […]

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We Made it Through 2021

1981 to 2021, we can say, “look where He’s brought us from”. From Joe sensing the Lord leading him back to LA from Sunnyvale, California, where we started our lives and Mr. & Mrs. Joe Browne and our first 2 children were born, to come to LA and Joe found himself at a radio station, […]

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A Special Life-Encouraging Trip to the Holy Land

Change is inevitable; change isn’t always easy. Thank goodness, God never changes. God is faithful and continues to provide in changing times. Pastor Joe and Gwynn are so grateful for the opportunity to have visited the land May 2019 where Jesus walked and ministered. Pastor Joe and Gwynn were photographed in front of the massive […]

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