Food Programs

The communities of South Los Angeles are in crisis. The majority of clients using our services are from households that are considered food insecure, (lacking access to enough food for an active, healthy life for all of its household members). Also, because for the dis-proportionate cases of diabetes and obesity, there is a considerable need for quality produce and healthier food choices.


Every Tuesday FICM serves a minimum of 60 families per week with an average household ranging from 4-6 persons. The majority of our food is donated from local supermarkets and food banks.


FICM has been serving Saturday morning breakfasts in South Los Angeles since 1989. Serving a healthy meal to the homeless, those coming from sober living homes, and anyone in the community who wishes to join us. This allows FICM and its volunteers to connect with the community in need.


Every year the FICM family come together, partnering with neighboring churches, volunteers, resource centers and the like to present a festive, tasty, from-the-heart delicious Thanksgiving meal to thousands of people throughout the Los Angeles community who would otherwise not be able to do so on this very special day. Thanksgiving is a special time for bringing family & friends together. Everyone deserves a meal, and our Thanksgiving Day Celebration is an opportunity for the people we serve to do just that. There are many ways for you and your family to be involved with our Thanksgiving Ministry; it’s an excellent opportunity for families to serve together! There is no better way to build relationships and change perspectives than coming together, working together, and sharing this special meal together. Read more about ourĀ Celebrate Thanksgiving Ministry and learn how you can join us in making this day special for all we serve throughout the Los Angles Community.

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