Volunteer & Intern

At FICM, we offer both an internship and volunteer program that allows you to get involved with the community. Both interns and volunteers can come aboard at any time during the year. We ask that before potential interns apply that they check with their institutions to make sure they will receive full credit. All majors are welcome. Both interns and volunteers can expect to participate in various activities, from administrative, to maintenance, to supervising and interacting with children/youth. You can opt to help the homeless, the youth, or families in need of emergency food or clothes. Of course, you may choose to combine any of the programs or participate in all three.

We offer long-term and weekly opportunities that give you a chance to lend a hand and help out the community. Family groups are welcome to come and serve together as a team in a variety of opportunities.

Senior Adults: You are a valuable resource of wisdom and knowledge. Please contact us to plug into various areas of service including:

  • Reading to children
  • Gardening
  • Sorting Clothing

Our schedule is flexible to accommodate your availability.


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