Celebrate Thanksgiving

We hope you will be able to help those in need, who don't know if they will even have a meal this Thanksgiving...

For just $4.00 you can provide a delicious Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings.

Thanksgiving is a special time for bringing families and friends together. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with family and friends to make this holiday special. Our Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration brings the community together in response to many broken and hurting families. We serve at many different locations plus a team delivers to the homebound. Loneliness can be overwhelming, not only for those in physical need but also for many people who are new to the city or far from family. Your participation not only makes this event possible but creates a festive and memorable occasion for everyone who gathers to celebrate. There are always many activities for all ages to make this a wonderful day. What better way to build relationships and change perspectives than coming together, working together, and sharing conversation over a special meal. We pray you will join us for this year's event in November. Our goal is to serve 5,000 meals with your help and support. Donations can be made online via the options below.


I/we would like to provide a $4.00 Thanksgiving meal for:


(10 people)


(40 people)


(40 people)


(100 people)


    Please select each task you would like to volunteer,

    Thanksgiving Day


    Need Volunteers & Donations for the following:

    • Donated Placemats (great family project)
    • Make Thanksgiving Cards (children are our best artists)

    And Donations for the Following Items:

    • Turkeys:
    • Yams(canned)
    • Green beans
    • Cranberries (small cans)
    • Drinking water
    • Deserts
    • Fruit punch
    • Plastic tablecloths/decorations
    • Kitchen towels/cleaning rags
    • Plastic plates, napkins, & utensils
    • Pop-Up Canopies
    • Family Friendly Live Entertainment



    It's never too early to help with FICM's annual Thanksgiving Celebration event. In the meantime, you may send donations by MAIL TO: "Faith in Christ Ministries" Attn: Celebrate Thanksgiving  4501 S. Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90062 or donate online via the options provided above on this page. Thank you!

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